20 Curb Appeal Projects on a Budget: Quick and Easy Ideas For Your Home

Curb Appeal Projects

Curb Appeal Before and After: If you are contemplating selling your house and for that reason you require to improve upon the curb appeal, you will definitely need a curb appeal makeover so that attractiveness of your house and the surroundings when viewed from a distance looks stunning. If you want to make an impression with prospective home buyers, you will need home improvements that could help you in adding curb appeal.

There are many ways on how to improve curb appeal, which can be done within a day, within a week or even may take a month or so. Here are 20 curb appeal landscaping ideas that can help you to learn how to add curb appeal to your home.

20 Best DIY Quick and Easy Curb Appeal Ideas

#1 Paint and Molding

Paint and Molding

Just by adding a paint and molding the door, you can increase curb appeal of your home interior. Here is how it was looking before and how it looks after following the curb appeal tips.

#2 Custom Door Decor

Custom Door Decor

Focusing on the entry of your home could be a great hgtv curb appeal, where you will need to clean the dirty spots by adding a blast of wooden color to your door.

#3 Curb appeal to a ranch house

Curb appeal to a ranch house

Here is how you can add ranch house curb appeal by just remodeling the window designs and growing a garden on both the sides with fencing colored in white.

#4 Landscaping


An example of a curb appeal makeover is given here. You can see that by just designing a landscape you can increase curb appeal without having to spend much. Dressing up the front lawn and redesigning the entry door can do the trick.

#5 Adding colors

Adding colors

Just be painting your front door and redesigning here and there, you can learn how to add curb appeal to a flat front house. Look at the door and the windows painted in bright colors to add to the curb appeal.

#6 Flowers to add to the curb appeal

Flowers to add to the curb appeal

By redesigning the front space of your house with flower pots and planting trees on a dressed lawn, you can see how adding curb appeal could be done through a simple and DIY way.

#7 Vintage Garden

Vintage Garden

By designing a vintage garden with flowers, pebbles and murals, you can learn how to improve curb appeal within a budget. The whole ambiance can look rustic to add beauty to the hgtv curb appeal.

#8 Gardening Ideas

Gardening Ideas

Gardening ideas can help you to learn how to add curb appeal to your ordinary looking home. This project can give you an idea on what is needed to be done in order to add a cheap curb appeal, turning an ordinary space into a beautiful looking one.

#9 House Number Plate

House Number Plate

Even a house number plate can help you to increase the front door curb appeal. Looking at this picture, you can see how this diy curb appeal can add beauty to your home elevation.

#10 Box Garden

 Box Garden

Construct a bow garden just beneath the front side windows of your house and see how this project can improve curb appeal to your home. An ordinary space is turned into an aesthetic ambiance.

#11 Adding Trim Boards

Adding Trim Boards

You can turn an ordinary looking exterior of your home in to one that will look fresh. You will need to refresh the siding with trim boards that are resistant to all types of weather. This could be an Eco friendly option to add beauty to the front porch curb appeal.

#12 Multipurpose Way

Multipurpose Way

You can have this multipurpose way to add curb appeal on a budget. This is one of the curb appeal photos that could give you some idea on how to turn your house into a compact and beautiful one.

#13 Shutters and Boxes

Shutters and Boxes

By designing the windows of your home with shutters and boxes, you can add curb appeal and thereby enhance the beauty and value of your home. Red flowers can light up better the exterior of your house.

#14 Picket Fence

Picket Fence

Just by bordering the premises of your home with picket fence, you can learn how to add curb appeal before and after. This way you can add charm to your home exterior and the front yard.

#15 Standout Windows

Standout Windows

Having standout windows like this one, you can highlight your home exterior with a dark paint. This could be a split level curb appeal and that too within a budget. This project could be ideal for Victorian styled houses.

#16 Symmetrical Designs

Symmetrical Designs

Pairs of potted plants in large and brightly painted pots could add symmetry to your home elevation. This will help you to turn your house into a landmark and that also within a budget. This can surely be a curb appeal on a budget.

#17 Adding foliage

Adding foliage

By adding foliage to the entry of your house and having a lighting system on the overhead, you can learn how to improve curb appeal to your home exterior. All these elements collectively could turn the home exterior into an aesthetic ambiance.

#18 Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting can definitely be a hgtv curb appeal, especially making the entrance way to your home look elegant. You can choose between lighting up the walking path or light up the trees along the path.

#19 Mailbox Makeover

Mailbox Makeover

By having your mailbox redesigned it by mounting it on a post which is painted in bright white. This can be a true curb appeal definition with the DIY project easy to make.

#20 A Ready made Garden

A Ready made Garden

Change your home outdoors into an elegant and aesthetic one by adding curb appeal like this. Create a garden instantly by lining the front yard with pots of your favorite plants that can match the style of your home.

There are innumerable ways to learn how to add curb appeal by following some curb appeal tips. You can also follow DIY curb appeal ideas that could be budget friendly and also easy to do. Turn your ordinary looking home into an appealing one by following simple front porch curb appeal ideas.