30 Cool DIY Projects for Teenage Girls


Diy Projects for teen: Doing some easy DIY crafts for teens can really be fun for teenagers, whether it is a project on making gifts, painting your wall or trying your hands on sculpting. There are some cool and clever craft ideas for teens which are awesome and which teenagers will enjoy doing them.

These arts and crafts ideas for teens include making DIY Coasters using Instagram Prints, making Letter Art with Thumb Tacks and fun ideas for the Spring time. These teen crafts can help teenagers to keep away from boredom and from involving in any sort of trouble.

Here are 30 diy crafts for teens, which are easy and sure to provide fun.

Chair Repair

Boys and girls, if by any chance you have to repair your old chair, this tutorial can be of use. You will need some fab ribbon and the color of your choice. Use the ribbon to fix the portion and paint the surface to make the old chair look new.

Letter Art


Gather some thumb tacks and design with the words you would like. You can also color the words by choosing the color of your choice. This is an inexpensive and easy to do craft among the diys for teens.

DIY Mirror Frame

All you need are some pages from a lifestyle magazine to make a high fashion border on a mirror. The sides are glued neatly to make the mirror look fashionable.

Cork Planters

This is one of the fun crafts for teens where soft corks are hollowed and fixed to the wall by a magnet. Fill the cork with some dirt and plant the succulent of your choice.

DIY Bird Picture

Make a picture of any bird with paint chips to match the mirror and the floor of your room. Outline the shape of the bird and create the feathers and eyes with paint chips on a piece of hard paper. Finish off with making a frame with the art. This can be one of the fun arts and crafts ideas for teens.

Butterfly Drawing

This is an easy arts and crafts for teens where you can draw a butterfly on your own. Draw the front and hind wings separately after deciding on the size. Draw the body and then imprint the wings on both the sides.

Oil and Water Painting

Make greeting cards or scrapbooks out of colored paper with painting of oil and water droplets. Mix water with a little bit of cooking oil and paint the marble paper with droplets.

Paper Wreaths

Paper can be the best inexpensive material for DIY teen craft ideas. Make paper wreaths of various sizes with different colored paper and fix them on the wall of your bedroom. You can also combine matching colored papers to make the wreaths more attractive.

Button Art

Collect buttons of various sizes and colors and make a tree by pasting them on a piece of wood or cardboard. This belongs to the category of cool crafts for teens, where you can first draw he outline of the tree to make things easier.

Mache Pots of Paper

Collect some pages of a scrapbook and a plastic container. Make the base with a square shaped plastic wrap and cut the scrap paper into small sizes of various shapes to stick them inside and outside the container.

Handmade Cards

Giving handmade cards can be a great way to show your affection and making them is not that hard. In fact, it is one of the simple crafts for teens, where a blank paper card is used and layered with a wide variety of textures and colors. Finish with embellishments which may include pearls and rhinestones.

Paper Bracelets

The folding technique for making this paper bracelet is creative and one of the Christmas crafts for teens. Following the folding tutorial, you can make the process easier and find yourself wanting to do more.

Thankful Tree

This is one of the inspirational craft activities for teens. Download a picture of a tree and paste the printout on a piece of cardboard. Touch up with pasting various sizes of leaves cut out of papers of different colors.

Duct Tape

This is a great fun arts and crafts for teens, where a fabric sheet made of duct tape is used. The sheet is cut into various patterns and sizes with a sticky tape pasted on the back with the sticky side upwards.

Chain Bracelt made of Leather

Choose a cable chain that fits your wrist size and using pliers, fix a clasp on one end of the chain and join the other end of the clasp with the other end of the chain.

DIY Soap

It is easy to make the Donut scented soap which scents just like donuts freshly baked. You can also add natural disinfectants to make the soap antibacterial. The whole process will take about 10 minutes.

Dotty Jeans

This is one of the unique diy teen crafts where the design is made of small rotten peanuts, fabric paint white in color and a sponge pouncer. The dots are designed on an ordinary pair of jeans which has small stains on it.

Duct Tape Flower Pen

This teen diy craft idea involves the use of duct tape to create a flower pen. Teens will love to make this project which is full of fun and easy to make. Various colors can be used to give variety to the craft.

Fabric Flower

Fabric flower can be versatile, as it can be used as a clip for a shoe and for the hair. Use a variety of fabrics to give the fun arts and crafts for teens idea different personalities.

DIY Sock Puppet

This is one of the cool crafts for teens to make and sell, which are made of recycled materials. The puppet is made of recycled socks and promises to be a fun while doing the project.

Friendship Bracelets

This Chinese Ladder Friendship Bracelet is one of the unique christmas crafts for teens. The bracelet is made of different colors of nylon ropes and is an innovative idea for renewing friendships.

Christmas Tree of Wooden Pallets

Wooden pallets can be used for Christmas craft ideas for teens where you can make a Christmas Tree. Cut the pallets into various sizes and arrange them in order to design the tree.

Halloween Costume Ideas

Making Halloween costumes can be really fun. These art crafts for teens are creative and easy to do. All you need o do is follow a tutorial for designing intimidating costumes for the Halloween Day.

Enameled Spoons

This is one of the fun teen crafts where you will need nail polish for top coating the stainless steel spoons. Apply a double coating to ensure that the color does not fade away. This idea can be an ideal gift for your mom.

DIY T Shirts

These T Shirts can be made of rubber bands and sharple markers. Create cool colors and patterns following the tutorial. You will also need some alcohol and a jar and the best part of the fun summer crafts for teens is that you can wash the shirts.

Washer Necklaces

These are super cheap friendship necklaces which are easy to make. Gather washers of various sizes and colors and make necklaces to be worn by girls. These necklaces can also be sold at fairs, which makes this DIY crafts for teens to make and sell.

Necklaces made of recycled paper beads

One of the unique diy craft ideas for teens, this project involves using recycled paper beads to make flowers of different colors and sizes and hanged with a ribbon.

Silhouette Photo

This DIY craft idea can be perfect as a gift on the Father’s Day. Make a Father’s Day Photo using pages of colorful magazines. Use a scott tape and follow the tutorial to bring perfection to this project.

Boxes made of rolled magazines

This is a fabulous teen craft idea, where pages of the magazine are rolled to make boxes. You need no supplies at all yet this idea works well for gifting as well as for selling.

DIY Phone Cases

A couple of steps and few supplies will be enough to make phone cases using rhinestones for settings, jewelry glue and solid color. This is one of the fun diy crafts for teens which is easy and ideal for fun loving teens.

These diy arts and crafts for teens are not only easy to do but also involves a lot of fun, helping your child to stay away from boredom.