20+ Clever DIY Toy Storage Ideas For Kids

toy storage ideas

Kids Toy Storage: Kids and toys are so closely related to each other, that all kids would like to have their toys stored in an organized manner so that they are easily accessible. Being parents, you could help your kid with kids toy storage ideas that could help your kid’s room to be free of clutter and also avoid danger in stepping over a toy in darkness.

Keeping the toys well organized with the help of toy storage ideas will help you to reclaim room space to a great extent. Here are 20 clever kids toy storage ideas that you can try at home.

20 Ideas About Toy Storage

#1: Crochet for Soft Toys

Crochet for Soft Toys

You can buy a crochet for keeping all the stuffed toys, which could be one of the best soft toy storage ideas. All you will need are some hooks and a net made out of yarn and hung at one corner of the walls of your kid’s room.

#2: Shelves for toy storage

Shelves for toy storage

You could turn your kid’s room into a play station with this living room toy storage unit. Look at the shelves where the toys are stored on top of another. This unit could be exclusively for storing toy engines and cars.

#3: Palette Crates

Palette Crates

You can do it by yourself, these Palette crates which look vintage, for storing small toys and other things which had been lying all around the room. This is one of the toy box storage ideas that is cheap and easy to do.

#4: Cabinets and Drawers

Cabinets and Drawers

This could be a large toy storage idea, where you only need to construct a box type cabinet with drawers at the bottom for storing toys and even stationery. This will save much space in the room.

#5: Bungee Cord

Bungee Cord

If your kid has already collected quite a few balls and you find that there is every chance of his room lying scattered with the balls, it is time to get to this toy storage for living room. Bungee cords for storing the balls could be an innovative idea.

#6: Cart Wheel

Cart Wheel

This children’s toy storage idea could be a little expensive, where you will need to design a cart wheel with baskets fitted into it. This will save enough space while your kid could spend some time watching the toys before going to sleep.

#7: Tubes for Storage

Tubes for Storage

Gather some empty rolls of toilet paper and create a garage for the toy cars. This could be one of the innovative kids toy storage ideas that you can do at home. Moreover, this project promises to be cheap.

#8: Wall Storage

Wall Storage

This wall storage idea could be a space saving project for storing kid’s toys in plastic baskets fixed to the wall. The entire floor space remains free without any clutter. One of the greatest toy storage solutions you can think of.

#9: Cage Storage

Cage Storage

This could be one of the kids toy storage ideas which saves much space in the room. Just store all the toys in the cage to clean up the floor space. This storage can be ideal for soft toys.

#10: Storage Idea for Video Games

Storage Idea for Video Games

The bedside storage bag like these can be ideal storage spaces for keeping video games and accessories. This is an idea on toy storage for small spaces, where before going to sleep, you can keep the video game in it.

#11: Baskets in Bathroom

 Baskets in Bathroom

One of the innovative children toy storage boxes, where plastic baskets are fixed to one wall of the bathroom. This could help storing all types of toys while keeping the room clean and tidy.

#12: Mesh Hangers

Mesh Hangers

Mesh Hangers can be decorative storage idea for toys, where toys are stored in mesh hangers hung from the ceiling. The toys can be seen from outside and at the same time keep the floor space clean from any mess.

#13: Cabinets with Trays

Cabinets with Trays

One of the wooden toy storage idea could be this one, where wooden cabinets with trays could form enough storage space for keeping all types of toys. His storage unit looks beautiful when displayed.

#14: Cube Shelves

Cube Shelves

One of the basic and cheap wooden toy storage box is the set of cube boxes, where toys can be stored safely. Color the boxes in different colors to make them more attractive.

#15: Hanging Fruit Baskets

Hanging Fruit Baskets

This is a DIY toy basket storage where you will need to gather some fruit baskets and hang them by a chain from a rod fixed from one end of a wall to another. Cover the storage unit with a curtain to look tidy.

#16: Storage Under the Bed

Storage Under the Bed

The bed can be an ideal place for storing kids toys. Construct drawers under the bed and store the toys in them so that they are readily available when needed. This can be a great toddler toy storage idea.

#17: Bucket Storage

Bucket Storage

Old buckets painted in bright color can help to store kid’s toys without letting the room become messy. Keep the buckets under the cot and store different types of toys in three or more buckets.

#18: Garden Baskets

Garden Baskets

Garden baskets when mounted on the wall can be storage units for kid’s toys, a unique toy storage idea. Store the toys in the baskets to keep them above the floor and keep the floor clean and tidy.

#19: Toy Stacks

Toy Stacks

Storing kid’s toys in bags like these could be a creative idea for toy storage in living room. Segregate the toys in different bags so that the toys can be identified easily. Large bags can hold big toys while small bags can be used for storing smaller toys.

#20: Storage Under the Coffee Table

Storage Under the Coffee Table

Construct storage boxes under the coffee table for keeping toys of various sizes. This is a DIY toy storage organizer where a little bit of woodwork will be required.

You can also search for tutorials on childrens toy storage ideas for getting a step by step guide on how to implement modern toy storage ideas. From canvas toy storage to fabric toy storage, you can get an array of kids toy storage ideas.