20 + Awesome DIY Fun Backyard Games for Kids & Adults

Fun Backyard Games for Kids & Adults

Fun Backyard Games: If your backyard is lying with junks all over and many a time you may have thought of clearing it and use the space or other purposes, ideas for fun backyard games can be your inspiration. From backyard kids games to backyard games for adults, you will get fabulous ideas that can be very enjoying. You can even opt for backyard party ideas that can turn your backyard from a dull and lifeless space into one which can provide you with fun and entertainment.

Here are 20 of the best games for both kids and adults for having backyard fun with your family and guests.

20 + Fun Backyard Games for Kids & Adults

#1: Jenga Set

Jenga Set

This game of Jenga Set has become popular and is one of the most played backyard carnival games. You will can either buy the game or do it yourself, where you will require 2×4 boards, cut them into pieces as shown and paint them with different colors.

#2: The Ring Toss

The Ring Toss

The ring toss game can be challenging for people of all ages with points assigned for each stick where you have to toss the rings. The sticks can be fixed onto a stand or planted into the ground.

#3: Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt

This game of scavenger hunt can be memorable for life for children playing it at their backyard. This is one of the backyard activities for kids, which will require a scavenger kit for exploring the outdoors.

#4: Tossing Bean Bags

Tossing Bean Bags

This is one of the easiest diy backyard games, which kids can enjoy drilling the bean baskets onto a plank and numbering them to see who collects the maximum points by filling the baskets with rings or any other material.

#5: Jumbo Checker

Jumbo Checker

You can either buy this Jumbo Checkers game or do it on a piece of rug following the instructions. Have fun backyards playing this enthralling game, which is one of the absorbing backyard fun ideas.

#6: Tic Tac Toe

Tic Tac Toe

Prepare your own Tic Tac Toe board with items that are available at your own backyard. You will not require a huge space for playing one of the backyard games diy which can be full of fun.

#7: Noodle Games

Noodle Games

Kids can have great fun playing one of the backyard games for kids such as the noodle game. You can either put up a few noodles and try to throw sticks through them, or place the noodles on the ground and hop with one step in each.

#8: Tossing at Tin Cans

Tossing at Tin Cans

Hang up some tin cans like you see in this picture at your backyard and try to toss in as many balls in each can. You can number the cans for checking who c collects the maximum number of points

#9: Outdoor Scrabble

Outdoor Scrabble

Scrabble has always been a popular game among kids, and when you happen to play it outdoors, at your own backyard, excitement runs high. 6 to 8 feet os space is all that your will need to play this giant scrabble game.

#10: Tug of War

Tug of War

Playing a Tug Of War game at the backyard and that too on stumps can be exciting for kids. This is one of the backyard game ideas that can be played with only a rope and two crates. This game is also a skill for balancing.

#11: Treasure Hunt with Ice

Treasure Hunt with Ice

It can be a very exciting hunting treasure from inside a block of ice. Kids will love enjoying this game, played with a screwdriver and a hammer and any other tool you would like to use.

#12: Water Blob

Water Blob

Create a small pool at your backyard for the game called Water Blob. This is one of the backyard water games that could be fun and exciting. Elders should always keep a watch on the kids when playing.

#13: Balloon Dart

Balloon Dart

Prepare a dart board with balloon pasted on it and try at them with darts to see how many you can target. This game could be one of the most exciting backyard birthday party games for kids. Adults can also have a try.

#14: Slide and Slip

Slide and Slip

All you will need for playing the Slide and Slip game are a plastic sheet, a hose pipe and some noodles. Sprinkler could add to the fun and excitement which this game has to offer.

#15: Ladder Bean Bag Toss

Ladder Bean Bag Toss

Fix up a ladder at your backyard and hang bean bags from each of the rungs and give points to each bean bag. Toss balls or any other item into the bags and see who becomes the winner collecting most number of points.

#16: Hopscotch and Ring Toss

Hopscotch and Ring Toss

Kids can try their skills at tossing with the Hopscotch and Ring Toss fun game played in the backyard. This is one of the fun backyards activities that even adults can try with their kids.

#17: Lawn Twister

Lawn Twister

This is one of the exciting backyard games for adults, where you will need spray paint and circular stencils. This could turn your backyard into a game board, where you can play this game all throughout the summer.

#18: T Shirt Race

T Shirt Race

A great game of fun, one of the backyard fun for kids, the T Shirt Race is a great one for outdoors. Who can wear the frozen T Shirts in the quickest of time and reach the finishing line is what this game is all about.

#19: Marble Games

Marble Games

This game is one of the most enjoying backyard activities for adults having long toes. Put some marbles in a bath tub and let adults try to fish out as many marbles as they can. You will also need patience to play this game.

#20: Bowling in the Dark

Bowling in the Dark

Take some bottles filled with water and immerse glow sticks in them and place them at your backyard in the dark. These bottles can be bowling pins which you can try at. This game is one of the backyard play ideas which can provide great fun.

Both kids and adults can have great fun playing these fun backyard games.