20 + Teen Bedroom Ideas::DIY Porjects for Teenage Girl’s Room Decor

Teen Bedroom Ideas

Teenage Girl Bedroom Ideas: There are innovative and unique teenage girl bedroom ideas that you can get which are simply fun for teenagers doing the crafts. There are a lot of things you can do with a range of materials and tools which include teen bedroom designs and teen bedroom wall decor. You will just need to follow the tutorials on teen bedroom ideas and doing them could be really exciting and fun.

This will help you to get rid of boredom and also to develop creativity within you. You can do these teen girls bedroom ideas in groups or alone by following the steps and guidelines in the tutorials. Here are teen bedroom ideas which you can try.

20 + DIY Porjects for Teenage Girl’s Room Decor

#1: With a hanging chair:

With a hanging chair

 It is important that as parents, you should think of teen bedroom girl ideas that could be according to their age and how best they can express themselves than just using the space for sleeping only.

#2: Hanging Bedroom:

Hanging Bedroom

How would you like this cute teen bedroom idea where the bedroom is in a hanging position and you have to climb up the stairs to enter it. The ceiling is painted white to have more light in the bedroom.

#3: World Map to Guide you

World Map to Guide you

This is one of the bedroom teen ideas that is creative. The corner of the bedroom has plants and other curio items while a framed map hangs on the wall. This color will look nice to add decor.

#4: Artistic Designs:

Artistic Designs

Look at the cabinets cut out of wood and fixed to the wall to create an innovative and cool teen bedroom decor. You can have books and other decorative items inside the cabinets.

#5: Fairy Lights:

Fairy Lights

This girl teen bedroom idea is based on the Christmas theme, where the back wall has stars painted and a fairy princess sitting beside the queens cot. The whole decor will need some time, but could be fun also.

#6: Decorative Cozy Nooks:

Decorative Cozy Nooks

Bedroom with cozy corners could be an ideal teen bedroom makeover with the walls painted with planetary silver color. There is a decorative piece of item on the wall behind the cot to add warmth to the decor.

#7:Eco Friendly:

Eco Friendly

Green is a color good for the eye and when you have green as one of the teen bedroom colors, it can look awesome. The bedside cabinet has a flower vase and the white bed cover adds to the contrast of the small teen bedroom ideas.

#8: Teen Bedroom Decorating Ideas

teen bedroom decorating ideas

This is one of the teen bedroom decorating ideas where metal color is the color chosen to add beauty to the decor. The window is large in size and pictures hang within frames made of DIY materials.

#9: From parents with Love:

From parents with Love

This is one of the stylish teen bedroom inspiration idea where the word “LOVE” can be seen on the wall. The furnishing is stylish, adding beauty to the teen girl small bedroom. The book shelves and the side cabinet are painted white.

#10: With accessories

With accessories

This is one of the cute teen bedroom ideas, where all the things in the bedroom are DIY items which include wall art, accessories and more. Making this bedroom will prevent you from being bored and instead have lots of fun.

#11: Exotic colors:

Exotic colors

Make teen bedroom color ideas a reality by adding orange and pink colors along with fun prints to make the bedroom look spectacular. A sophisticated ambiance is created, adding grandeur to the bedroom.

#12: Patterned wall paper:

Patterned wall paper

You can make a bold statement with patterned wallpaper of retro style. Match the bedroom furniture and accessories with the color to add a classic touch to the teen girls bedroom designs.

13: Great storage idea:

 Great storage idea

Storage is one thing which teenage girls look for their bedroom. This bedroom decor teen idea includes freestanding console and other furniture which is multi functional. This could accommodate the number of clothes which keep on growing.

14: Add fun to the bedroom:

Add fun to the bedroom

You can add fun to a bedroom for teenage girls by adding an aquarium, a hanging bed, a swinging chair and a chalkboard wall for expressing their ideas. Choose the color that matches all these items.

15: Multipurpose bedroom:

Multipurpose bedroom

For a multi purpose bedroom for teenage girl you will need a study area, a small lounge type area for chatting with friends and an area for sleeping. Buy cushions that are colorful and printed in various designs.

16: Floral graffiti:

Floral graffiti

Custom wall designs could be one of the unique bedroom designs for teenage girls, where the walls are painted with bold colors with custom graffiti and prints. You can also paint words that are favorite for your child.

17: Full length mirror:

Full length mirror

An innovative idea for bedroom for teenage girl could include a dressing area that look dramatic with a full length mirror and extra lighting that reflects from the freshly painted walls.

18: Cool textures and fabrics:

Cool textures and fabrics:

Feel good textures and fabrics could be a creative theme for teenage bedroom ideas, where it will include hanging curtains, velvet wall paper, plush bedding, different colors of pillows and hang fringe.

19: Retro style bedroom idea:

Retro style bedroom idea

Retro style small bedroom ideas for teenage girl could include motifs and shapes inspired by North African art. A pale backdrop stands contrast to the stunning headboard and a multi colored bedspread designed with stripes add to the beauty and romanticism of the teenage bedroom ideas for girl.

#20: Travel designs:

Travel designs

One of the bedroom ideas teenage girl include a bedroom designed with a Paris theme. The teenage bedroom decor ideas include designs that are travel chic and a base painted in ice white. Shades of hot pink could add more beauty to the design.

There are lot of more tiny teenage bedroom ideas for girls that include small teenage girl bedroom ideas and cute bedroom ideas for teenage girl that could make your daughter happy and have lots of fun, decorating her bedroom with new bedroom colors for teenage girl.
Although you will need a professional carpenter to design the teenage bedroom furniture, there are some items that could be done with DIY materials. The best thing would be to follow the bedroom ideas teenage tutorials, where you will get a step by step guide to transform any of the bedroom decorating ideas for teenage girl into reality.